Peer counselling

The International Peer-Counselling Organisation: free peer to peer mental health support for international students at Eötvös Loránd University

The International Peer-Counselling Organisation (IPCO) helps ELTE international students overcome struggles in their academic and personal lives by offering free peer counselling services to fellow peers. IPCO's mission is for students to have access to free mental health services throughout their studies at ELTE.

The IPCO team consists of peer-counsellors who are Psychology MA students from Clinical and Health Psychology and Educational and Counselling Psychology specialisations. All peer-counsellors are qualified, trained and supervised by licensed psychologists of the ELTE Counselling Centre.

Peer-counselling helps students better understand their feelings and thoughts and find solutions to problems. Peer-counselling allows students to work through the different challenges they may face, such as procrastination, anger, anxiety, self-esteem, and educational and relationship issues, to mention a few.

IPCO offers international students six peer-counselling sessions during each academic semester. The sessions are 50-minutes long and can be in person or through online video calls. Services are free of charge for all international students with an active student status at ELTE.

During peer-counselling, you will have a safe space to speak with a trained peer-counsellor throughout your studies. A peer-counsellor will be empathic and non-judgmental when listening to you talk about the good or the bad times.

IPCO ensures complete privacy and confidentiality in all sessions as all peer-counsellors adhere to the ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct.

If you are an active student at ELTE and would like to book a free appointment with a peer-counsellor, contact IPCO at

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