Research Groups

Institute of Health Promotion and Sport Sciences

  • Ádám György Psychophysiology Research Group
  • Life-style, health, leisure
  • Sports management, sports economics, sports tourism
  • Nutrition science, health tourism and recreation

Institute of Research on Adult Education and Knowledge Management  

  • Adult Learning and Education Research Group
  • Social Communication Research Group

Institute of Intercultural Psychology and Education 

  • Intercultural Psychology and Education Research Group

Institute of Education

  • Research Group for Innovation and Equality in Education
  • Research Group for Higher Education and Innovation
  • Health Behaviour in School-aged Children – HBSC
  • Research Group for Cognitive Development and Education
  • Anthropology of Education Research Group
  • School Organization, Teacher Education and Professional Learning Research Group (STeP.RG)
  • Research Group on Historical, Theoretical and Comparative Pedagogy

Institute of Psychology

  • Adaptation Research Group
  • Addiction Research Group
  • Test Methodology Research Group for Differential and School Psychology
  • Decision Lab
  • Health Psychology Research Group
  • Brain, Memory and Language Lab
  • Developmental Neuropsychology Research Group
  • Research Group of Childhood Mental Disorders
  • Human Electrophysiology Research Group
  • Human Interaction Research Group
  • Research Group on School Psychology and Teacher Training
  • Research Team in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Environmental Psychology Lab
  • Qualitative Psychological Studies Research Group
  • Numerical Cognition Research Group
  • Pedagogical Psychology Research Group
  • Positive Psychology Research group
  • Psychogenetic Laboratory
  • Research Group on Personality, Health & Emotion Regulation
  • Organizational and Leadership Psychology Research Group
  • Social Groups and Media Research Lab
  • Social Minds Research Group
  • Social Interaction: Competition and Cooperation Research Group
  • Social Interventions Lab
  • Knowledge and Memory Research Group

Institute of Sport Sciences

  • Applied Exercise Physiology
  • Sports Pedagogy - Physical Education