Research Groups

Research Groups

Institute of Health Promotion and Sport Sciences


 Institute of People–Environment Transaction

 Environmental Psychology Lab

Institute of Research on Adult Education and Knowledge Management

Institute of Intercultural Psychology and Education

Intercultural Psychology and Education Research Group

Institute of Education

Institute of Psychology

Budapest Laboratory of Sleep and Cognition
Emotion and Mind Integration for Neuropsychological Development (EMIND) Research Group
Adaptation Research Group
Addiction Research Group
Health Psychology Research Group
Brain, Memory and Language Lab
Research Group of Childhood Mental Disorders
Human Electrophysiology Research Group
Human Interaction Research Group
Research Group on School Psychology and Teacher Training
Qualitative Psychological Studies Research Group
Numerical Cognition Research Group
Positive Psychology Research group
Research Group on Personality, Health & Emotion Regulation
Organizational and Leadership Psychology Research Group
Social Groups and Media Research Lab
Social Minds Research Group
Stress and Emotions Lab
Knowledge and Memory Research Group
Behavioral Medicine and Research Credibility Laboratory
Language and Brain Research Group
Metascience Lab

Institute of Sport Sciences


Applied Psychology Research Group
Alternative, Community, Media, Education Research Group