Language, Literacy, Learning Research Group

The mission of the research group is to unravel how spoken and written linguistic abilities develop; how they are associated to other psychological phenomena and characteristics; and how they support the individuals to navigate through the world and integrate into the society. Which also means that along with the typical cases, the atypical development of spoken and written linguistic skills are also in the focus of the research group. Such atypical forms of development include poor reading, spelling or spoken language abilities, as well as exceptionally reading skills. The research group primarily uses the behavioural perspective of cognitive psychology, however, an interdisciplinary approach through the integration of the theoretical and methodological perspectives of language sciences and neuroscience is also desired.


Ferenc Kemény Head Of Research Group, Habil. Associate Professor
Room: E1


Claudia Laskay-Horváth Research Group Member, Junior Research Fellow
Phone/ext.: + (36-70) 614-6616
Room: E3
Orsolya Csilla Pachner Research Group Member, Assistant Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36-94) 519-610
Room: E5
István Tafferner Research Group Member, Student