Brain, Memory and Language Lab

One of the main aims of the research group is to uncover the underlying learning and memory processes of skills and habit-like behaviors using the methods of psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Our other goal is to develop or adapt new neuropsychological tests and diagnostic tools.

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Dezső Németh Head Of Research Group, Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-4500 / 3565
Room: C/313


Bianka Brezóczki Research Group Member, PhD Student
Kata Horváth Research Group Member, PhD Candidate
Karolina Janacsek Research Group Member, Assistant Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-2600 / 3564
Room: C/312
Cintia Anna Nagy Research Group Member, Student
Orsolya Pesthy Research Group Member, PhD Student
Eszter Tóth-Fáber Research Group Member, PhD Student
Flóra Hann External Member
Mariann Kiss External Member
Zsófia Zavecz External Member