Counselling services

Counselling services

Dear Students,
Please be informed the registration deadline for counselling appointment is 15.06.2020. For the next academic year we accept registrations from 24.08.2020.
If you need more information about it please wright to this e-mail address:
Counselling Centre Team
We recommend the tips compiled by our specialists to help you deal with excessive stress and anxiety.


Contact details:

  • For the 1-3 sessions online counselling in case of difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine you can sign up here:
  • Fort he 1-6 sessions online counselling for more general difficulties, not related to the pandemic situation you can sign up here:

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Our staff

Orsolya Karner, Phd., Head of the Counselling Centre
counselling psychologist, senior lecturer,

Jácinta Szűcs coordinator,

Amina Lubani, clinical psychologist,

Péter Kámán, counselling psychologist,

Sámuel Bernáth, psychologist,

Márta Kiss, clinical  psychologist,

Anna Nyulászi, clinical psychologist,

Zsófia Otoltics, psychologist,

Melinda Csémy, psychologist,

Supervisor: Dr.Klára Horváth, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychiatric rehabilitation specialist

Psychologists at the faculties

Orsolya Handa, psychologist, ELTE Faculty of Law

Rita Takács, psychologist ELTE Faculty of Informatics,


Counselling Centre - Office
1071 Budapest Damjanich utca 41-43. C/506

Counselling sessions are held at several locations:
1071 Budapest Damjanich utca 41-43. C/114, 506 and 507
1088 Budapest Múzeum körút  4.  D/-117 and D/-119

Peer Counselling Group

ELTE’s Peer Counselling Group is a circle of psychology students working on a voluntary basis, under the professional supervision of the Counselling Centre.
Our volunteers are practicing under close professional supervision and support.
Please, visit the following website for more information:

ELTE Counselling Centre