Public defence of Hadi Ghazi Altabatabaei

Public defence of Hadi Ghazi Altabatabaei

22. May 2024. 10:00



2024. May 22. 10:00 -


The Doctoral School of Psychology of Eötvös Loránd University invites you to Hadi Ghazi Altabatabaei’s public defence of his doctoral dissertation entitled ”Morality, Group Dynamics, and Inter- and Intragroup Attitudes” to be held at 10:00 am on 22nd of May, 2024.

The public defence is to take place online, please join using the information below:

Meeting ID: 913 4550 7728

Passcode: hadi24


Dr. Nguyen Luu Lan Anh professor, ELTE PPK

Dr. habil. Hadarics Márton associate professor, ELTE PPK

Members of the committee


Dr. Faragó Klára professor emerita, ELTE PPK


Dr. Pántya József senior lecturer, ELTE PPK

Dr. Kővágó Pál senior lecturer, PPKE


Dr. habil. Ujhelyi Adrienn associate professor, ELTE PPK

Further members:

Dr. habil. Bigazzi Sára associate professor, PTE

Dr. habil. Kovács Mónika associate professor, ELTE PPK

Dr. Mészáros Noémi senior lecturer, PPKE

Dr. habil. Vidra Zsuzsanna associate professor, ELTE PPK