Pre-defense of Brigitta Szabó

Pre-defense of Brigitta Szabó

23. May 2024. 15:00

Online - Zoom


2024. May 23. 15:00 -

Online - Zoom

We cordially invite you to the pre-defense of„Mentalizing in the parent-child relationship” written by Brigitta Szabó. During the pre-defense the PhD Candidate will present the draft dissertation.

The supervisors of the candidate: Judit Futó and Mónika Miklósi (ELTE PPK)

Chairperson: Judit Futó

Opponents: Beatrix Koronczai (ELTE PPK) and Francesca Penner (Baylor University, Waco, Texas, USA) will present their opinions on the dissertation, followed by an open debate.

Date and time: 23 May 2024 3pm
Venue: Zoom: (Meeting ID: 979 9255 0797)