Late course enrolment 2021/22/1

Late course enrolment 2021/22/1

Please be informed that according to the section 62/A of the Academic Regulation for Students late course enrolment can be permitted by the Academic Committee in case the student hands in a request aiming that within a week after the end of the course enrolment period. A delay fee of 3.000 HUF/course is connected to late course enrolment. The request has to contain the teacher’s support also if the course have contact hours/consultation, so in this case the teacher's written permission is obligatory as well.

On the grounds of these, late course enrolment requests for the courses of the Faculty of Education and Psychology can be submitted in the following periods in Neptun system:

for bachelor and master programmes:
10th September 2021 - 17th September 2021

for doctoral programmes:
24th September 2021 – 1st October 2021

Please note that there is no possibility for course enrolment after this period!
The requests can be submitted only on the in Neptun system, Administration > Requests by clicking on the menu item.

Please note that requests including missing or false data (e.g. the teacher's signature, code of the subject and/or course (=group)) are rejected automatically.

Student Affairs and Registrar's Office