Information on the completeion of the general sport courses with VTN-099 codes

Dear Student,

We'd like to inform you, that every general sport course announced by The Faculty of Education and Psychology under a VTN-099 code can be completed in the framework of distance education. At the Budapest training site every student of all courses of any subject has been put on the Canvas course created by the teacher in charge of the subject, you can select the excercise from among the ones there you find most appropriate for you.

Those students, who do not wish to complete their general sport course under the changed conditions can submit their request for deleting the course in Neptun in the Administration > Request menu, by selecting the request titled "Request for being deregistered from course after the course registration period_2019/20/2", for which the deadline is

15 April 2020.

Attaching a supplement to the request is mandatory from a technical reason, in this case it can be anything, even a blank sheet of paper. The faculty will support all such requests submitted until the deadline due to the changed conditions.

Furthermore, due to the limited nature of the completability of the general sport courses, there will be a discount of 50% to the fee of these courses, bringing it to 3000 HUF/course.

Student Affairs and Registrar's Office