Information on the submission of the thesis in the spring semester of the 2019/2020 academic year

In the spring semester of the 2019/2020 academic year, thesises do not have to be submitted in printed form. All theses must be uploaded electronically to Neptun exclusively, and the evaluation process also takes place in Neptun. In case you already submitted your thesis in an earlier semester but didn't take the final exam then and you want to take it this semester, you still have to upload your thesis now (uploading is available till 23:59 on the relavant day).

In Neptun, the line of the thesis work assigned to the corresponding training can be seen in the menu item Studies> Thesis / Thesis application. If several theses have to be submitted in the given training (eg in the case of the MA in Psychology or in the case of teacher training), these theses will be published on a separate line with a different upload deadline based on their title.

Click on the "Upload Thesis" button to start the upload process. When uploading the thesis document, you must provide:

• the final title of the thesis (then click Next and enter further details in the next window),

• keywords (the most important terms in the thesis that can help with library search),

• an abstract of the thesis (summarizing the essential content of the thesis in a few paragraphs).

The thesis, together with all its attachments, attached declarations and certificates, must be uploaded in a single file, a file compressed in the .zip file format. (For help compressing files to .zip format, see

Mandatory documents related to the thesis (the necessary forms can be downloaded from

• declaration of originality: it is not necessary to sign the declaration, the text of the declaration can be inserted into the dissertation as text or filled in with the thesis as a separate document (together with the thesis in the .zip file);

• Confirmation of consultation sheet: the supervisor's statement in email is also acceptable as proof.

The possible lack of attachments does not hinder the process of uploading the thesis. A thesis compressed in a .zip file with its attachments can be uploaded in Neptun with the “Upload File” button, and then the upload must be completed by saving the actions with the “Save Files” button. Once closed, the final title can no longer be changed.

Encryption. Anyone who has received permission from the Academic Committee to encrypt the thesis because it contains business secrets or personal (special) data must select the “Confidential” checkbox when uploading. Together with the thesis, you must upload the consent of the owner of the secret or the data subject to the data management in the compressed .zip file – if this is necessary. (However, it is not allowed to upload a thesis document containing a state secret or a service secret, it must be submitted in the traditional form on paper, for the handling of which you can contact the Student Affairs and Registrar's Office at

The uploaded thesis file can be modified by uploading a new .zip document by the specified deadline. It is not possible to upload after the deadline. For students who have been granted an extension by the Academic Committee at the individual request of the student, the Student Affairs and Registrar's Office will individually modify the upload deadline in Neptun.

The supervisor of the thesis uploads the evaluation to Neptun, from where the student can learn about the evaluation. The student will be notified separately of the upload of the evaluation via Neptune.

PPK Student Affairs and Registrar's Office