Behavioral Medicine and Research Credibility Laboratory

The research group aims to do research on meta-science, and pursue innovation in research methods leading to greater scientific rigor.

The activities of the research group fall into two main categories: research, and methods development. 1) We conduct research on the scientific process, on researchers behaviors, and on research culture with the main focus on credibility and trustworthiness of researchers and research studies. 2) We develop and apply methodologies aiming to improve reliability, credibility, and rigor of studies and research reports. This includes methods enabling greater standardization and  automation in science. We also aim to develop and implement interventions of cultural change in the scientific community leading to increased motivation, knowledge, and skill to produce rigorous research.

Our research group supports diversity treating everyone equally and with respect regardless of their nationality, race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, family status, disabilities, or religious beliefs, etc. This also includes supporting diversity in psychological science by extending research from focusing on Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic (WEIRD) samples to more diverse samples.


Zoltán Kekecs Head Of Research Group, Assistant Professor
Phone/ext.: + (36-1) 461-2600 / 5675
Room: 125


Balázs Alexa Research Group Member, PhD Student
Room: 208
Flóra Bajcsai Research Group Member, PhD Student
Vivien Belegrai Research Group Member, Student
Zsuzsanna Besnyő Research Group Member, Student
Lili Csabai Research Group Member, Student
Boglárka Cserni Research Group Member, Student
Bálint Dömök Research Group Member, Student
Dóra Egri Research Group Member, Student
Yeganeh Farahzadi Research Group Member, PhD Student
Dorka Fenyvesi Research Group Member, Student
Borbála Kaproncai Research Group Member, Student
Márk Lechner Research Group Member, Student
Balázs Nyiri Research Group Member, PhD Student
Árpád Palágyi Research Group Member, Student
Virág Varga Research Group Member, Student
Azadeh Zandi Research Group Member, PhD Student
Pietro Rizzo External Member