The article of Balázs Aczél in the Nature Human Behaviour

The article of Balázs Aczél in the Nature Human Behaviour
An international team of experts led by Balázs Aczél, - researcher of ELTE’s Institute of Psychology - has published a summary about the usage of Bayesian statistics in Nature Human Behaviour.

There is a stable increase in the number of researchers who know and use Bayesian statistics. One of its main reasons is that compared to traditional analytical techniques Bayesian statistics is capable of estimating the strength of evidence for or against a hypothesis. One barrier of further extension of this method is a perceived lack of consensus among experts on how to conduct and report such analyses. The article published in Nature Human Behaviour presents a summary of agreements and disagreements of a group of experts on several discussion points regarding Bayesian inference. The overall message is that there are no one-fit-all solutions to statistical questions. Instead, researchers should understand the reasoning behind the different positions and make responsible decisions on a case-by-case basis.


The article is available here:

Discussion points for Bayesian inference