PPK Among The World's Top Psychology Scientists

PPK Among The World's Top Psychology Scientists
Three PPK researchers are included in the Psychology category of Research.com's 2024 Best Scientists list. At national level, Zsolt Demetrovics is ranked 3rd, Attila Szabó 15th and Róbert Urbán 19th.

Every year since 2014, Research.com has published an international ranking of the world's top scientists. The 166,880 researcher profiles are analysed and ranked according to the so-called D-index, which takes into account the number of publications and citations. The list of top performers is also available by discipline and country.

In the field of psychology, where more than 24,750 profiles were analysed, 19 Hungarian researchers are among the world's best this year. Three of these researchers are from ELTE PPK: Zsolt Demetrovics is ranked 1244th in the world and 3rd in Hungary; Attila Szabó is ranked 6863rd in the world and 15th in Hungary; and Róbert Urbán is ranked 7873rd in the world and 19th in Hungary.

Zsolt Demetrovics is a Professor at the Institute of Psychology, Head of the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming at the University of Gibraltar, and a Corresponding Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His main research interests include the epidemiology and treatment of substance use and behavioural addictions. He was ranked among the world's most cited researchers in 2022 and '23 by Highly Cited Researchers.

Attila Szabó is a professor at the Institute of Health Promotion and Sport Sciences, ELTE PPK, and a doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His research interests include behavioural addictions, the placebo phenomenon and the relationship between sport and mental well-being. He has been selected as one of the highest cited scientists in the Stanford University 2022 ranking.

Róbert Urbán is a professor of the Institute of Psychology of ELTE PPK and a doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Within the field of health psychology, he publishes mainly on health maintenance, smoking and smoking cessation, and behavioural addictions. His books are an important part of the Hungarian health psychology literature.

Two more researchers from ELTE are on the Hungarian list: Ádám Miklósi ranked 1st and Vilmos Csányi ranked 12th nationally. The full list can be found here.