Elte ppk celebrated its autumn-semester graduates

Elte ppk celebrated its autumn-semester graduates

A total of 168 graduates, including 18 graduates from the English-language programmes, received their diploma at the graduation ceremonies organised by the Faculty of Education and Psychology (PPK).

Many students, both at the Budapest and the Szombathely educational locations of the faculty, passed their final exams in the 2023/2024 autumn semester: 54 bachelor’s and 38 master’s students obtained their degree, while 57 people completed their chosen postgraduate programmes successfully.

The graduation ceremony of the ELTE Savaria University Centre (SEK) took place on February 17 in the Agora-Savaria cinema; here, the eight graduates that finished their studies in PPK’s Szombathely-based sports sciences training programme received their diploma certificate as well.

The faculty hosted the graduation ceremony for the Hungarian and international students that completed their studies in Budapest on March 8. The diploma certificates were handed out by Zoltán Rónay, the faculty’s vice-dean for education. In his first speech that was held in Hungarian, Zoltán Rónay emphasised that leading an intellectual life does not simply equal having a solid qualification, but entails great responsibility as well: how graduates approach work and duties, other people, and the world in general can and will serve as an example for their environment. “Always remember the motto of our faculty – everything that is human… Approach and treat human beings by respecting their dignity under all circumstances, until this becomes second nature to you.”

In his English-language speech addressed to the graduates from the faculty’s international programmes, the vice-dean highlighted the fact that obtaining a degree holds an even greater importance for international students since they had to cope with the recent and current distressing global events – pandemics, war and economic crisis – far from their home, family and friends. He reminded the students that whenever they face obstacles in the future, they can always recall their experiences at PPK and take strength from the values they learnt here, with humanity being one of the most important values.

On behalf of the faculty branch of the Students’ Union (HÖK), the president of HÖK and the president of the HÖK committee for foreign affairs also addressed the audience. Zsófia Fejes expressed her hope that the interest and passion that had led her fellow students to choose PPK would lead them further towards self-discovery. In her English-language speech, Dóra Lillik asked the graduates to approach the challenges that await them with enthusiasm, since the knowledge and skills they acquired during their studies make them well-prepared for generating genuine changes and improvements in the lives and courses of both individuals and their respective scientific fields.

Congratulations to our fresh graduates, but the journey is far from over! We’d be happy to welcome you to our alumni community: if you wish to join the ELTE PPK Alumni community, please register here.