Awards and Certificates of Recognition for ELTE's teacher training

Awards and Certificates of Recognition for ELTE's teacher training
On the recommendation of the Teacher Education and Teacher Training Council, 17 people have been awarded this year's multi-year Outstanding Achievement Award. From ELTE PPK, Katalin Solymosi and Ágnes Weiszmüller received their awards from Rector László Borhy at a ceremony in the Aula Magna.

Eötvös Loránd University has a centuries-long tradition of teacher training. In 2023, we will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the institutional framework for teacher training at the predecessor university in 1773. Today, nearly a quarter of all ELTE students are studying teacher training. 

Since 2021, the award has been open to teachers, office staff, practitioners, partner teachers and students who have a long record of outstanding work in teacher training at our university. The awards will help to further enhance the recognition and prestige of teacher training at our University.

Katalin Solymosi, Master Lecturer of the Department of Counselling and School Psychology at the Institute of Psychology, and Coordinator of the Faculty for Disability Issues, received the ELTE Teacher Training Award. In contrast, Ágnes Anna Weiszmüller, Head of the Secretariat of the Office of Studies, received the Certificate of Recognition for Teacher Training.

Katalin Solymosi has been a lecturer at ELTE since 1993 and has been teaching in teacher training since then. She is involved in teaching several subjects in the main areas of teacher training. She pays particular attention to giving students individual feedback on their performance, thus helping their professional development. She is passionate about supporting students with special needs, which is reflected in her teaching and her public activities. Katalin Solymosi's work as a teacher is characterised by professionalism, precision, initiative and inventiveness.

Ágnes Anna Weiszmüller has been working at ELTE since 2013, initially in the Teacher Training Department of the Pedagogical Centre, where she was responsible for the organisation of teacher training. In the context of the changing teacher training, she has selflessly provided the necessary knowledge and practical information on how to organise practical and final examinations and how to contact partner schools. Since 2018, she has been organising the portfolio examinations of students in the teacher training programme. Ágnes Anna Weiszmüller carries out her tasks with enthusiasm, extraordinary work ethic and impeccable professionalism, and performs the organization and coordination tasks related to teacher training to a high standard.