Institute of Health Promotion and Sport Sciences
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At Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in the Faculty of Education and Psychology (PPK) the Institute of Health Promotion and Sport Sciences (ESI) is the central body of sports and body culture education. Its staff consists of PE teachers and lecturers, as well as PhD students with specialization in sport sciences, psychology, and life sciences, respectively. Approximately 450-500 university students attend the sports (BSc) courses of the Institute each semester, while 1500-1600 students attend the general PE courses. Both numbers are expected to rise in the near future.
The ESI activities go along four main directions:
1.Sports education at university level: Sports manager and recreation and health promoter (BSc level), Recreation (MSc, under accreditation), Sports and health-psychophysiology (PhD).
2.General physical training: the Institute is responsible for the general physical education of students (fee-paying, one-credit courses, attainable up to four times in a training cycle). We offer 40 sports, the most popular ones being football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, floorball, racket sports, aerobics, dance and zumba, functional training, spinning, fitness and martial arts. Students can sign up to these courses via Neptun similarly to other courses for a discounted fee as determined by the university.
3.Scientific research: in the area of health promotion as well as in fields related to sports and leisure time activities. The “Ádám György” Sport-psychophysiology Laboratory of the Institute is one of the most modern of its kind in the country, the Institute's scientific output is outstanding even as compared to the university as a whole.
4.Professional support for sports and recreation activities at the university: The Institute provides professional support for all sports and leisure activities that are in line with its research profile (sports events, sports programs, family and employee events, sports scholarships, preparing proposals related to sports, health promotion programs etc.). In addition to the professional support provided by the instructors, we also encourage our students' involvement in these events.
In the Institute there are four professional groups, rather only theoretically separate:
1.Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences Group
2.Physical Education and Body Culture Group
3.Recreational Group
4.Sports Science and Sports Management Group
The Institute's faculty and PhD students teach, study and do their research in part at the ELTE PPK Psychology Doctoral School (PDI), in part at the Educational Sciences Doctoral School of ELTE PPK (NDI). Within the PDI, there is a standalone program belonging to the Institute: Sport and Health psychophysiology PhD Program where the instructors of ESI, experienced in research and teaching, deliver the doctorate courses. Similarly, a new program has been set up within the NDI: Sports and Health Education (both programs are headed by Prof. Dr. György Bárdos).
The researchers of the Institute were involved in the Research University TÁMOP project, resulting in the creation of “Ádám György” Sport-psychophysiology Laboratory, state of the art equipment of which enables several research activities. A large National Scientific Research Fund (OTKA) project supports the maintenance of the laboratory and the development of its infrastructure.
The ESI takes seriously and supports the students' scientific circle (TDK) activities. Despite the fact that currently only two 3-year undergraduate programs are running, many of our students take part in national and international student conferences and in other professional and scientific events as well. Our diploma workers and PhD students have also co-authored several scientific publications. ESI supports students with outstanding sports results, and the best ones are given the opportunity to carry out their studies in frame of a personally customized curriculum. The student representatives regularly take part in the Institute’s life, and their opinions are respected and sought by the head and staff of the Institute.

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