PPK - Call for application for the 2019/2020 National Higher Education Scholarship

Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Education and Psychology
Call for applications for the 2019/2020 National Higher Education Scholarship

Students with outstanding academic and professional achievements – as a financial recognition of their accomplishments and with a view to supporting the preservation of their performance – shall be awarded the National Higher Education Scholarship for the 2019/2020 academic year by the minister in charge of education.

The regulations on awarding the National Higher Education Scholarship are contained in Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education (hereinafter: Nftv.) as well as in Government decree 51/2007 (III. 26.) on grants available for and fees payable by higher education students (hereinafter: Government decree).

Full-time students of Bachelor’s, Master’s and single-cycle programmes can apply for National Higher Education Scholarship regardless whether they are self-financed or state-funded. The number of National Higher Education Scholarship recipients at PPK is 15 students. The National Higher Education Scholarship shall be awarded for a full academic year (10 months). Pursuant to paragraph (1) point c) of Article 114/D of Nftv., the scholarship’s monthly amount in 2019 shall be HUF 40 000 and only be disbursed in the 2019/2020 academic year. In case the students finish their studies in the autumn semester 2019/2020 or have a passive spring semester they are eligible only for a half-year payment. Students awarded the National Higher Education Scholarship shall not be excluded from eligibility for the academic scholarship.

The conditions of submitting the application

Who can apply?
Students are eligible if they are
- full-time students of Bachelor’s, Master’s or single-cycle programmes,
- had two active semesters,
- completed at least 55 credits.

Students are also eligible if they finish their studies in the current semester and will continue it on Master’s degree programme from the next semester.

When and where to submit the application?
The application can only be submitted by person and on paper.
For students studying in Budapest:
-    Student Affairs and Registrar's Office H-1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 23–27. room 115. (office hours, modified office hours from 11 June, in the out of office hours the application can be dropped to our post box next to the door of room 115.)
-    deadline 3 July 2019. 12am

How to apply?
The application can only be submitted on the application form of the scholarship with the attachments and the list of attachments (second page) in original copy. About ‘Professional activities’ and ‘Activities related to public life, sports and other areas’ that are acceptable for the application you can inquire from the coordinator of the International Office. Please note that the documents must be signed according to what is noted on them.

Submitting missing documents after the application is not available.

Evaluation of the scholarship

The Student Affairs and Registrar's Office evaluates the validity of application, the attached documents and the students' data and informs the applicants of the results in Neptun. The valid applications are ranked by the Academic Committee of the Students’ Union according to 49/2019. (IV. 30.).

The Student Affairs and Registrar's Office informs the students of the results in Neptun 9th July, 2019. An appeal against the decision can be filed in the Jogi, Igazgatási és Közbeszerzési Igazgatóság / Legal, Administrative and Public Procurement Directorate (21-23. Szerb Str., Budapest H-1056), marked with the note: For the attention of the ‘Student Academic Appeals Committee’, within 15 days after receiving the decision.

Downloadable documents:
- the application form