Due dates of all books borrowed from the Libraries of the ELTE PPK are extended until 2.07.2021.

Students taking the final exam in the spring semester are requested to settle their library debt no later thanin the morning ofJune 15, 2021!

Information about the restricted operation in the Libraries of the ELTE PPK due to the pandemic situation

Our library is still closed according to the new provisions of the ELTE JOKT (03.06.2021), but borrowing books is possible! Contact us with any questions at any of our contact details.

Library Information


E-mail: konyvtar@ppk.elte.hu

Monday - Thursday 8.00 -16.00, Friday 8.00-13.00


E-mail: izukonyvtar@ppk.elte.hu

Monday - Thursday 9.00-15.00, Friday 9.00-13.00

On site use

Reading rooms are closed. There is no possibility for reading on site in the library.

Borrowing books

Staff and students of the University can borrow books from the library. If you wish to search for books you would like to borrow, please use our online catalog. Requests can be made only for books that can be found under the label: "Kazinczy u. raktár" or "Izabella u. kölcs." We can only fulfil loan requests made online in advance.

Please click on the appropriate link and fill in the form indicating the books you wish to borrow and the date of receipt.


If you have any questions, please contact us at konyvtar@ppk.elte.hu or izukonyvtar@ppk.elte.hu.

It is only possible to collect books requested for loan in person. It is possible to enter the premises, but the library spaces are not accessible. Book pick-up points are in front of library circulation rooms, in the Kazy Hall or in the long hallway in front of the Izu Library. Please bring your reading card/student ID with you. New loans are subject to the usual borrowing terms and rules.

Return of Borrowed Books

The current expiration dates can be checked here after logging in catalog. Copies borrowed before or during the pandemic closure can be returned in person using the book collection boxes located at the entrances.

Should you have any problems or questions regarding the books currently being borrowed, please contact our staff at the contact details provided.


Online enrollment is currently available via the webapp. After logging in, the ELTE PPK Library must be selected for member library registration. Email received upon successful registration requires confirmation of the email address. Thereafter, within one work day, the librarians approve the library membership of the University staff and students.

Online Services

Our online resources are only available from the university IP range. Full-text accesses of databases subscribed to by ELTE, are provided remotely via Stunnel software or VPN and ELTE IIG ID. The service is also available from abroad but before leaving, you should check the operation of the service. Guide: Stunnel , VPN . If you have any questions during the proxy setting, please contact the IT staff of ELTE PPK.

Library Clearance Certificate for Students

In case of any change in student status, the required Library Clearance Certificate will be provided through online administration. Please send the completed document to email address. Upon receipt, your library account will be checked for outstanding items and fines within one working day. The Library Clearance Certificate will be returned to you in scanned form by e-mail (please also check the spam folder!).

Please follow us on our website for further changes to our services. Should you have any further questions, please contact us.


ELTE PPK Library staff

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