Sports management, sports economics, sports tourism Research Group

The research group started its operation in September 2018. The group’s formation was preceded by a joint participation in the sports conferences held in the spring period. Two members of the group started their PhD education during the group formation. Presently the group is working on establishing the members tasks in mutual corporation in accordance with their published articles. Our primary task is to expand our publishing activity. Recently we participated with joint performances in scientific conferences.  The research group aims to reveal the characteristics of the management and financing in the sport sectors.


Zsuzsanna Gősi Head Of Research Group, Habil. Associate Professor


Piroska Béki Research Group Member, Assistant Professor
Zsuzsanna Bukta Research Group Member, Assistant Professor
Lili Andrea Kassay Research Group Member, Associate Professor
László Lehmann Research Group Member, Master Teacher
Anikó Lukács Research Group Member, Physical Education Teacher
Phone/ext.: -
Olivér Szabella Research Group Member, PhD Student
Henriette Dancs Research Group Member, Professor
Room: A230-D
David Toth Research Group Member, Lecturer
Room: A230-B
Ákos Péter External Member
Gábor Szabados External Member