Resilience, Sports Strategies Research Group

Through our research and multidisciplinary approach, we are seeking answers to what makes, or can make, the following stakeholders resilient in team sports and their youth development systems:
(1) Athletes, coaches, and their collaboration.
(2) Clubs, their management, and the professional community, particularly in the context of the player-parent-supporter relationship.
(3) The operation of the team sport's institutional system and the consciously organized collaborative efforts of its members.

Becoming flexible, resilient, and adaptable to significant influences is an exciting challenge, and at the same time, it is a constructive, empowering process. Our research not only assesses the current situation but also identifies existing values, resources, and capabilities, while offering insights, solutions, and opportunities.

Our main research areas:
• training theory and methodology
• the role of professionals and teachers in sports training
• methodological and pedagogical issues of team sports
• sports medicine issues (prevention of sports injuries, eating disorders)
• sports economy, sports business
• sports management
• sports psychology, mental issues
• dietetics


Lili Kassay Head Of Research Group, Associate Professor


Szilvia Boros Research Group Member, Habil. Associate Professor
Ágnes Dömötör Research Group Member, Physical Education Teacher
Katalin Kovács Research Group Member, Associate Professor
Réka Erika Kovács Research Group Member, PhD Student
Andrea Petroczi Research Group Member, Senior Research Fellow
Olivér Szabella Research Group Member, PhD Student