Knowledge and Memory Research Group

Our research group focuses on semantic memory processes.  Using mostly visual stimuli we investigate:

1. knowledge acquisition processes: application and development of learning strategies (rule-learning vs. implicit information-integration) from the early years till elderly;
2. application of the existing knowledge: understanding analogies, and application of them into similar situations;
3. activation of knowledge base in case of visual events (model-based memory processes).

We are also interested in the impact of knowledge representation to early concepts in infancy. We apply behavioral method in different age groups, eye-tracking method, and event-related potential. Our research results could be used in case of expert knowledge, and knowledge transfer.


Júlia Baross Research Group Member, PhD Candidate
Krisztián Borbély Research Group Member, PhD Candidate
Zsófia Miklós Research Group Member, PhD Student
Anikó Kónya External Member