Freshmen - Enrolment

The student status is established by enrolment, based on the decision on enrolment or transfer. Enrolment is therefore a compulsory act of establishing a student status, consisting of two parts:

  1. an electronic and
  2. a personal administration section.

The steps of electronic enrolment in Neptun:

  • generating the password for the registry system (you will get an e-mail from the Registrar's Office with your Neptun-code and the necessary information);
  • reconciliation of your personal data, filling in the missing data (data entered during the admission process in Neptun are filled, please check them thoroughly, sometimes the name may be different due to incorrect recording);
  • registration for the next semester;
  • completing and printing the enrolment package, enrolment form (2 pcs) and two declarations (printed at home, completed and signed enrolment sheets and declarations must be included for personal enrolment).

The enrolment package will only become available and printable after you have completed your semester's registration or other declaration (active or passive semester) in Neptune. If you don't want to start your studies immediately, you can postpone your studies in your first semester as well, but you still have to attend the enrolment - possibly with the assistance of an authorized person.
Personal enrolment can only take place after the electronic part, as the documents produced there have to be signed and handed in.

Information about the personal enrolment:

The date of personal enrolment is for all those enrolled in bachelor studies, master studies, or PhD studies:
27 August – 2 September 2024, 9:00am and 16:00pm
location: KAZY, Hall (Budapest VII., Kazinczy Street 23–27).

In the given period, everyone can decide when to enrol. Enrolment will happen in order of arrival, so you may have to wait longer if there are a lot of people arriving at the same time.
It can speed up the administration if you look after the necessary information in advance and if you bring all the necessary documents (printed from Neptun and your own certificates, photocopies, ID cards etc. – see below). During enrolment, we provide a continuous information service.
Enrolment is only possible on the specified dates and times, and we cannot provide time for additional registration. Since the decision of acceptance is no longer valid in the absence of enrolment, the student status cannot be enrolled later, it is important that you participate in the enrolment – even if it’s done by an authorized person.

For personal enrolment, please bring the following:

  • a printed, completed and signed enrolment sheet form (2 copies) and optionally, the Alumni Organization Application form for pre-registration and the Privacy statement (1-1 copy); all these forms can be found within Information/General Forms in Neptun under the name of Enrolment sheet;
  • your passport (residence permit);
  • 1 ID picture (3.5 x 4.5 cm) with your name and the date of birth on the back;
  • Hungarian Tax ID and Hungarian Social Security ID (optional for self-financing students but obligatory for Stipendium Hungaricum students -  these documents may be attached later but they are necessary for the Stipendium Hungaricum agreement without which the student status cannot be established);
  • the number of your personal bank account (optional for self-financing students but obligatory for Stipendium Hungaricum students);
  • the original documents taken into account in the decision of acceptance:
    • in Bachelor studies, the high school diploma(s) in original language and in English;
    • in Master studies, the higher education degree certificate(s) in original language and in English;
    • in Doctoral studies, your (Master/University level) higher education certificate(s) in original language and in English, and proof of language proficency (original and photocopy).
  • and photocopies of the original high school diploma, the degree certificate(s).

Almost 2000 new Hungarian and foreign students will be enrolled in this period, so it is important to have all of the documents mentioned above with you at the time of enrolment. If any of these are missing, then we will not be able to help you with the personal enrolment, so you will have to come back again with the full documentation on one of the other dates. Please help our work and your fellow student by carefully checking the completeness of the documents listed (look at the checklist).

You will also need to sign additional documents during enrolment, partly in connection with your specific programme. You do not need to bring these with you, we will provide them during enrolment, but here you can preview them.