IPPI Scientific Evenings - Diversity in Society and Research

IPPI Scientific Evenings - Diversity in Society and Research

10. May 2021. 17:00



2021. May 10. 17:00 -


The Institute of Intercultural Psychology and Education of ELTE Faculty of Education and Psychology (ELTE FEP IIPE) is launching a series of scientific workshops, titled
IPPI Scientific Evenings - Diversity in Society and Research. In the series, lecturers, researchers and doctoral students from the ELTE FEP IIPE, as well as from other ELTE faculties will give presentations on social diversity, mainly from psychological, educational, sociological and anthropological perspectives. 

The first programme of the series, which will take place twice a semester, will be held on
10 May 2021, starting at 17.00 (Central European time).
Venue: Zoom


17:00-17:05 Dr. habil. NGUYEN LUU Lan Anh, Prof. dr. GYŐRI János 
Welcome speech in Hungarian and English

17:05-17:30 Ayşe Iraz KURAL (Ph.D.student) Attachment and Social Cognition (in English)

17:30-17:45 Q/A, discussion
Important! The event is bilingual, the first part of the event will be held in English and the second part in Hungarian.

Ayşe Iraz KURAL: Attachment and Social Cognition
The presentation introduces how human perception, attitudes, and expectations are shaped by human dispositional attachment styles. These will include, specifically, conspiracy theory belief, willingness to stay with the abusive partner and prejudice/ perceived discrimination. The presentation also presents some basic information about ’attachment priming’ and its potential as a technique to be included in interventions.
Ph.D. Department of Psychology, Social and Intercultural Psychology Program, Eötvös Lorand University (ELTE). Her supervisor is Dr. habil. Mónika Kovács
M.A. 2017 Department of Psychology, Yaşar University (Social Sciences Institute), İzmir/Turkey
B.A. 2012 Department of Psychology, İzmir University of Economics, İzmir/Turkey

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