Helping those effected by the Ukranian crisis

Helping those effected by the Ukranian crisis
ELTE helps refugees coming from Ukraine and its students from across the border. The most important information related to the initiative is updated constantly on this link 
25 February 2022, Budapest – Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) offers 200 places to accommodate and to provide for the refugees who are coming from Ukraine. The academic leadership of the University in cooperation with the Student Union prepares an aid package that helps the humanitarian activities near the border and the Ukranian students of the University.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, Márton Áron Dormitory in Debrecen, that belongs to ELTE, has taken in the families of three dormitory students and it will keep helping in accommodating refugees until it reaches its capacity limit. Dr. Gyula Scheuer, the Chancellor of the University has offered 200 places to refugees and their families who are fleeing from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, amongst them are traditional dormitory places and newer, renovated family apartments as well.

Dr. László Borhy, the Rector of the University and the academic leadership in cooperation with the Student Government is working on an aid package that can directly help students of the University and the humanitarian aid processes at the borders, whether it is assistance in translation from the students and teachers of the Ukrainian language program at the University, psychological counselling, or collecting donations within the University for those in need.

Presently, there are 157 Ukrainian students studying at ELTE, amongst them 116 hold double citizenships, and there are 221 residents at the ELTE dormitories who have a registered address in Ukraine. The University provides adequate information to all of its students and if needed a psychological counsel as well.