Grades recorded in the Neptun, Form of Complaint 2018/19/2

Dear Students,

The exam period of the spring semester 2018/2019 ended on the 5th July 2019. Please be informed that as the grades are recorded only in the electronic registry system (Neptun) and nowhere else, it is really important to check if they are properly entered. This controlling must be done by the student. In case of non-entered grades if the student missed any relevant requirement identified in the regulations (eg. exam-registration), or miss the possibility of complaint, the grade become invalid.
According to the section 65 (6) of the Academic Regulations for Students students can complain concerning grades. In the spring semester of the academic year 2018/2019 this possibility is available

from 5th July 2019, 16:00 until 12th July 2019, 17:00

If the grade recorded in Neptun and the grade achieved with an exam do not match, or a grade does not appear on Neptun, please fill in and submit a request named ”Form of Complaint Concerning Grades” (it is available in the Neptun in the section Administration/Requests), after this the issue can be investigated.
Please also be informed that according to the section 425 (e) of the Academic Regulations for Students validating any performance completed against the rules cannot be recorded neither as an equity from the Dean, so missing the above mentioned process cause serious consequences.

Student Affairs and Registrar's Office, Faculty of Education and Psychology, ELTE

EN 2019.07.08.