Doctoral defence of Saule Anafinova

Doctoral defence of Saule Anafinova

06. February 2023. 12:00



2023. February 06. 12:00 -


The Doctoral School of Education of Eötvös Loránd University invites you to Saule Anafinova’s public defence of her doctoral dissertation entitled „Asia/Europe Inter-University Cooperation in Higher Education: The Case of Tuning Central Asian Higher Education Area (TuCAHEA)” to be held at 12.00 o’clock Monday 6th of February 2023. 
For the participation on the online dissertation defence registration is required*:


Dr. Gábor Halász

Members of the committee:


Dr. János Győri


Dr. Krisztián Pálvölgyi
Dr. Zoltán Rónay


Dr. Enikő Bereczki

Further members:

Dr. Nguyen Luu Lan Anh
Dr. Gabriella Baska
Dr. Georgina Kasza
Dr. Orsolya Kálmán
Dr. András Szabó Zoltán
Dr. Gabriella Keczer

* The event will be held by Zoom video conferencing, anyone may participate, but the registration is required via the link above for security reasons. The registration deadline is 12 o’clock, 5 February 2023.
Privacy notice  related to the participation in a public dissertation defence is available here.
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