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Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary master's programme involving different scientific fields of natural sciences, technological sciences and humanities as well. The focus of investigations is on the phenomena of cognition – perception, attention, memory, reasoning, thinking and behaviour – from an interdisciplinary perspective: Anthropology, Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Psychology have contributed to the course's development as core disciplines.

The programme offers a timely approach to answer the deep philosophical question of what is human cognition – ‘Who we are, and what kind of capabilities make us human’, with the help of modern scientific methods, like model building and sophisticated monitoring techniques (eye-tracking, EEG). The relevance of such an approach gains support from the constant need of building a knowledge-based society.


Our university has longstanding educational and research traditions in a wide area of fields, including both humanities and science, thus providing an appropriate background for a multidisciplinary field such as cognitive science. The skills and knowledge gained during the programme can be applied in a very wide area of basic research, applied research and jobs outside the academic field. The students will have the opportunity to work with distinguished researchers on various projects in the university's laboratories or join research in our partner institutions. They will have the opportunity to participate in international collaborations on research projects, and the chance to do international training with one of our partner universities.


Duration of the programme: 2 years (4 semesters)

Credit number: 120 ECTS

Type: master, full-time

Language: English

Tuition fee: 1300 EUR/semester

Application and entrance exam fee: 120-120 EUR

Degree: Computational and Cognitive Scientist

Accreditation number: FF/1140-5/2015

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