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Entry requirements


A) Full acknowledgement is given for the following degrees: 

  • a Bachelor’s degree in: Psychology, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Biology, Liberal Arts: Philosophy Specialisation;
  • college degrees (as according to the Hungarian higher education system before 2006): Psychology, Information Technology, Computer Programmer Mathematician, Teacher of Computer Science, Teacher of Biology, Biology Laboratory Operator;
  • university degrees (as according to the Hungarian higher education system before 2006): Psychology, Information Technology, Computer Programmer Mathematician, Teacher of Informatics, Applied Plant Biology, Applied Zoology, Biophysics, Biology, Molecular Biology, Teacher of Biology, Aesthetics; Ethics, Anthropology and Social Studies, Philosophy. 

If you have any of the degrees listed above or you are going to obtain a degree by the time of the results announcement, you do not have to do anything else but send a copy of the degree certificate (hereinafter diploma). 

Please note that the degrees described above as well as the full acknowledgement are only for degrees obtained in Hungary. If your degree was obtained outside Hungary, it must be submitted for evaluation (see below). However, the above list will give you an idea of what degrees can be accepted.

B) Conditionally accepted Bachelor’s degrees which will be considered in the first place:

  • Liberal Arts: Communications and Media Studies, Business Information Technology, Applied Economics, Economic Analysis, Hungarian Linguistics and Literature: Language Technology specialisation and Theoretical Linguistics specialisation, Pedagogy,
  • Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineer, Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical Engineer, Economist in Business Administration and Management, Technical Manager, Mathematics, 
  • Communication and Media Science, Economist in Economic and Financial Mathematical Analysis. 

In the case of these degrees they must fulfil the following credit requirements: at least 10-12 credits (ECTS) which can be recognized from the earlier studies in at least three of the following fields: mathematics, statistics; informatics; epistemology; logic; linguistics; physiology and anatomy. (Besides the degrees listed above, any other degree can be accepted if it fulfils the 12 ECTS requirement.)
The requirement, i. e. the existence of the credits listed above is established through a preliminary examination of the credits which must be initiated by the applicant in the form of a free-text request.

If the applicant is taking their final examination during the current semester, and their degree certificate (diploma) is not issued before the last application deadline, a certification is required, which verifies that the applicant will presumably receive a degree. In case of being accepted as a student, however, the applicant must present the diploma upon enrolment at the latest.


The language of instruction for the entire programme is English, so a very good command of English is required during the oral entrance exam and throughout the whole programme. The language knowledge is assessed and evaluated during the interview.

The educational and outcome requirements are defined by the Ministry of Human Capacities (Regulation No. 18/2016. (VIII. 5.)). The details of the application and admission process are defined by the Organisational and Operational Regulations of ELTE.

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