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courses for incoming students

Please take a look at our course selection. These are all the courses that we offer for exchange/guest students at our faculty. When choosing the ones that you would like to follow please take the following rules into consideration:

    •    You can choose any of the courses from the program you have been accepted for (the one you indicated in your application form).
    •    You can choose a maximum of 10 credits (ECTS) from programs other than your own, including courses from other faculties.
    •    There is no lower or upper limit of how many courses or how many credits you might follow during your exchange semester regarding your program.
    •    Bachelor students can only follow BA level courses – MA is not allowed.
    •    Master students can follow courses from both BA and MA levels.
Spring semester 2018/2019
Psychology BA
PSYB12-140 Introduction to Educational Psychology, lecture, 3 ECTS
PSYB12-141 Special Course in Applied Psychology: The Neuroscience of Sleep and Dreaming, practice, 3 ECTS
PSYB12-141:1 Special Course in Applied Psychology: Sport Psychology, practice, 3 ECTS
PSYB12-153 Introduction to Health Psychology, lecture, 2 ECTS
PSYB12-154 Introduction to Work and Organisational Psychology, lecture, 3 ECTS
PSYB12-155 Introduction to Counselling Psychology, lecture, 3 ECTS
PSYB17-102 Study and Communication Skills, practice, 3 ECTS
PSYB17-104 Basics of Research Methods, lecture, 4 ECTS
PSYB17-107 Physiology and Anatomy 2, lecture, 3 ECTS
PSYB17-108 Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioral Genetics, lecture, 4 ECTS
PSYB17-110 Statistics, seminar+lecture, 5 ECTS
PSYB17-111 Cognitive Psychology, lecture, 6 ECTS
PSYB17-113 Affective Psychology, seminar+lecture, 6 ECTS
PSYB17-120 Developmental Psychology 1, seminar+lecture, 6 ECTS
PSYB17-124 Social Psychology 1, seminar+lecture, 6 ECTS
PSYB17-125 Social Psychology 2, seminar+lecture, 6 ECTS

Psychology MA
PSYM17-104 Social Psychology, lecture, 4 ECTS
PSYM17-CH-105 Health Psychophysiology and Psychoneuroimmunology, lecture, 4 ECTS
PSYM17-CH-106 Drugs and Behavoiour, lecture, 4 ECTS
PSYM17-CH-108 Clinical Health Psychology, lecture, 4 ECTS
PSYM17-CH-109 Neuropsychology, seminar+lecture, 4 ECTS
PSYM17-CH-110 Psychodiagnostics and Clinical Case Presentation 1, practice, 4 ECTS
PSYM17-CH-115 Theories of Psychotherapy and Psychological Interventions, lecture, 5 ECTS
PSYM17-DC-119 Child Psychotherapy, lecture, 2 ECTS
PSYM17-DC-120 Psychopharmacology, lecture, 1 ECTS
PSYM17-DC-121 Applied Developmental Psychology, practice, 3 ECTS
PSYM17-DC-122 Prevention and Intervention, practice, 3 ECTS
PSYM17-DC-204    The Biological Foundations of Psychology, lecture, 6 ECTS
PSYM17-DC-205    Special Features of the Socialization in the Family, seminar+lecture, 6 ECTS
PSYM17-DC-207:1 The Autism Spectrum, lecture, 2 ECTS
PSYM17-DC-207:2 Suicide Behaviour Among Young People, lecture, 2 ECTS
PSZM17-KF-105 Social Cognition and Consciousness, lecture, 4 ECTS
PSZM17-KF-106 Cognitive Neuroscience, practice, 4 ECTS
PSZM17-KF-107    Special Courses in Cognitive Psychology: Categorization and Category Learning, lecture, 4 ECTS
PSZM17-KF-107 Special Courses in Cognitive Psychology: Sleeping and Dream Research, lecture, 4 ECTS
PSZM17-KF-108 Programming (Python) and Research Design, practice, 4 ECTS
VKN-096:16    Psychological assessment and treatment of Children and Adolescents, lecture, 5 ECTS
VKN-096:17 Psychodynamic Therapies, lecture, 5 ECTS
Social Integration MA
SOCM17-110 Multicultural Education: Research and Analysis of Reference Literature, practice, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-111 Intercultural Training, practice, 2 ECTS
SOCM17-112 Qualitative Research Methods Practice, practice, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-116 Culture and Thinking, lecture, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-117 Children of Disadvantaged Groups in Education, practice, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-118 Human and Minority Rights - Discussion Seminar, practice, 2 ECTS
SOCM17-119 Quantitative Research Methods Practice, practice, 3 ECTS 
SOCM17-120 Diversity, Social Inequalities and Equity in Education, practice, 4 ECTS
SOCM17-129 Historical traumas: Collective Memory and Education, practice, 4 ECTS
Human Resources MA
HRCM17-104 Adult Education and Labour Market, seminar, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-106 Economics II (Microeconomics), seminar, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-108 Research Methodology Seminar, seminar, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-110 Counselling and Social Psychology, lecture, 2 ECTS  
HRCM17-111 Counselling and Social Psychology, seminar, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-114 Adult Learning and Development, lecture, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-116 The Theory of Counselling, lecture, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-120 Labour Law Seminar, lecture, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-125 Change Management, lecture, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-126 Adult Training Services Lecture, lecture, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-127 Adult Education Services Seminar, seminar, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-129 Equity and Human Resource Management, lecture, 3 ECTS  
HRCM17-131 Communication in Human Resource Management, seminar, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-132 Career Planning and Management, seminar, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-135 Strategies in Human Resources, seminar, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-136 General Professional Practice, practice, 3 ECTS

Education BA, MA
EDUM-104 Academic writing, English, practice, 3 ECTS
EDUM-110    Problem-Based Learning, English, practice, 4 ECTS
EDUM-109    Learning and Teaching Theories, English,lecture, 4 ECTS
EDUM-EM-101    Learning and Development in Organization, (MA, Ed Management), English, lecture, 3 ECTS
EDUM-105 Theory and Methodology of Research in Educational Sciences, English, lecture, 3 ECTS
PPK-NEV:256 Vergleiche von den reformpädagogischen und alternativen Strömungen, German, 5 ECTS
Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience MSc

CCNM17-105 Philosophy of Language, lecture, 4 ECTS
CCNM17-108 Neurobiology (Cognitive Neuroscience), lecture, 4 ECTS
CCNM17-110    Cognitive Psychology 2., lecture, 2 ECTS

CCNM17-111 Cognitive Psychology Practical, seminar, 2 ECTS
CCNM17-113 Computer Programming, lecture, 4 ECTS
CCNM17-114 Intelligent Systems, lecture, 4 ECTS
CCNM17-117 Philosophy of Mind, lecture, 4 ECTS
CCNM17-118 Psycholinguistics, lecture, 4 ECTS
CCNM17-119 Semantics and Knowledge Representation, lecture, 4 ECTS
CCNM17-CN-107:1 Visual Neuroscience, lecture, 4 ECTS
CCNM17-CN-107:2 Language, cognition, consciousness and their development, lecture, 2 ECTS
CCNM17-CN-107:4 Required Elective Courses: Psychophysiology of Cognitive Processes, lecture, 4 ECTS
PSZM17-KF-107 Special Course in Cognitive Psychology: The Neuroscience of sleep and dreaming, lecture, 4 ECTS

Health Promotion and Sport Sciences

REKB13-168 Dance 1, Practice, English, 1 ECTS
SPREB17-105    Racquet sports,    Practice, English, 2 ECTS
SPB17-108 Foundation of Sport Pedagogy, Lecture, English, 2 ECTS
SPREB17-106 Roller Sports, Lecture, English, 2 ECTS
SSZB13-159 Nature and the Environment, Pactice, English, 2 ECTS  
SSZB13-144 Theory of Recreation, Lecture, English, 2 ECTS  
SSZB13-145 Health and Lifestyle, Practice, English, 3 ECTS  
SSZB13-166 Sports II. Swimming Aquatics, Practice, English, 2 ECTS
SSZB13-167 Sport III. Racquet sports, Practice, English, 2 ECTS
VTN-099:70    Table tennis, Practice, English, Deutsch, 1 ECTS  
VTN-099:128    Tennis for beginners, Practice,English, Deutsch, 1 ECTS  
VTN-099:114    Squash,    Practice, English, Deutsch, 1 ECTS  
VTN-099:144    Soccer,    Practice, English, Deutsch, 1 ECTS  
VTN-099:13    Basketball, Practice, English, Deutsch, 1 ECTS  
VTN-099:9    Volleyball, Practice, English, Deutsch, 1 ECTS  
VTN-099:158    Dynamic joga, Practice, English, Deutsch, 1 ECTS  
VTN-099:153    Zumba    Practice, English, Deutsch, 1 ECTS  
VTN-099:155    Functional training, Practice, English, Deutsch, 1 ECTS  
VTN-099:95    Aerobics, Practice,English, Deutsch, 1 ECTS  
VTN-099:57    TRX, Practice,English, Deutsch, 1 ECTS   

Autumn semester 2018/2019

Psychology BA
PSYB12-250:2 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Psychology MA
PSZM17_TS-108 Diversity, social inequalities, equity in education, 4 ECTS
PSYM17-CH-114:12 Optional Courses in Clinical and Health Psychology: Medical Aspects of Suggestive Effects
PSYM17-CH-114:14 Optional Courses in Clinical and Health Psychology: Psychological Work with Couples, Families and Systems / Family and Couples Therapy
PSYM17-CH-114:15 Optional Courses in Clinical and Health Psychology: Structured Diagnostic Interviews in Clinical Practice
PSYM17-CH-114:5 Optional Courses in Clinical and Health Psychology: Research Practice in Content Analysis
Social Integration MA
SOCM17-101 Culture: Definitions and Dimensions, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-102 Minorities in Society, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-103 Multiculturalism and Criticism of Multicultural Theories, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-104 Minority and Majority Identity, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-105 Human Rights and Minority Rights, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-106 Prejudices and Ideologies, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-109 Social Science Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods, 2 ECTS
SOCM17-115 Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Pedagogy: Interactions Between Cultures and Education, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-121 Gender Relations, Gender Roles and Beliefs, 3 ECTS
SOCM17-125 Minority Educational Models and Education of Minorities, 3 ECTS
Human Resources MA
HRCM17-101 Social Ethics, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-102 Theory of Science , 3 ECTS
HRCM17-103 Labour Economics and Labour Market Policy, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-105 Economics I. (Macroeconomics), 2 ECTS
HRCM17-107 The Methodology of Scientific Research, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-109 Psychology of Counselling, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-112 Organizational Psychology - lecture, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-113 Organizational Psychology - seminar, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-115 Learning and Instruction, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-118 Human Resource Management Functions, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-119 Leadership Theories and Organizational Development, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-121 Information Science and Human Resources Management, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-122 Online and Distance Learning, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-123 Conflict Management, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-124 Conflict Management Skills Workshop, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-128 Special Needs Education and Target Groups in Labour Market, 3 ECTS
HRCM17-130 Methods and Techniques of Counselling, 2 ECTS
HRCM17-133 Trends for LLL (Life Long Learning) and LLG (Life Long 
Guidance), 3 ECTS
HRCM17-134 Theory of Human Resource Managment, 3 ECTS
Philosophy of Education, Theories in Educational Science, 4 ECTS
Academic Writing, 3 ECTS
Theory of Education Systems, 3 ECTS
The Theory and Methodology of the Research in Educational Sciences, 3 ECTS
Educational Social Psychology, 3 ECTS
Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience MSc
Sport Sciences
SPB17-101 Anatomy and Physiology 1
SPB17-107 Psychology, Body Culture Psychology
SPB17-118 World of Sport
SPREB17-101 Swimming
SPREB17-102 Sport Games 1. (Volleball and Basketball)
SPREB17-118 Sustainable Development and Recreation
SPB17-116 Basics of Tourism, Sport and Health Tourism 
REKB13-125 Mental Hygiene
REKM17-105 Emotions, Motivations, Positive Psychology
REKM17-107 Theory and Practice of Projekt Management
REKM17-110 Stress, Physical Activity, Recreation
REKM17-121 Tourism and Recreation
REKM17-123:1 Health Promotion and Health Protection
SPB17-111 Ethics in Sports

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