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Procedure of the entrance examination

The entrance exam contains a discussion in English about a psychology related article, which the applicant receives at the beginning of the oral examination. The article will be from a relevant area. For example, in case of Clinical and Health Psychology Specialization, the article will be about a research in that area. The applicant has one hour to read and make notes, after that the oral examination takes place. During the oral examination the applicant has to be able to summarize the article and answer the questions regarding the article. Successful applicants must have a good command of English and pass the entrance exam. There will be a short discussion about the applicant’s background and motivation. Also the reference work will be evaluated.

The entrance exam can be taken in person or via Skype.


A maximum of 70 points can be received during the admission process for the MA programme in Psychology, which are distributed as follows:

Reference work (up to 2points): a written paper in English, for which the evaluation points are as follows (each component can receive a maximum of 5 points):

  • a creative question of research, which is based on existing theoretical and empirical literature; the stating of the hypothesis (hypotheses),
  • choice of a relevant method(s) and clear presentation of its (their) application,
  • review of the results which is perspicuous and well-grounded from statistical, methodological and scientific point of view,
  • placing the results within the researched topic, a self-reflection on the strengths and weaknesses of the research,
  • an overall impression of the reference work.

Oral entrance examination (up to 45 points)
  • discussion in English about an article, which you receive at the beginning of the oral examination. The article will be from the relevant area. After receiving the article, you will have one hour to read it and prepare notes. Any additional help can be used (e.g. a dictionary). After one hour the examiner will start a discussion about the article – they may ask to summarize it and will ask questions about its content, about the methodology, about the results, about what can be improved, what would be a good next step in the research. The main points are theoretical background, critical methodological analysis, statistical procedures, knowledge of the relevant vocabulary, placing of the results within the relevant field of research (up to a total of 25 points).
  • the committee’s opinion (an overall impression), evaluation of the motivation letter and of the professional CV (up to 20 points).


While reading the article, please focus on the following things:

  • Study the article.
  • Gather your thoughts about the article, which you would like to highlight during the discussion.
  • It is important to be able to summarize the essence of the article.
  • Try to link the topic, methods, approach of the article to what you studied during your undergraduate programme.
  • You do not have to understand each and every word of the article. Try to understand the essence.
  • Show critical thinking whether concerning the methods and/or the theoretical background.
  • The essential thing is to gain an overall impression of what the article's topic is.


Based on Section 34 of Government decree 423/2012 (XII. 29.) on the admission to higher education institutions, the higher education institution regulates the admission requirements and the method of ranking in the case of a Master’s programme, but the applicant can be admitted only if he/she achieves at least 50% of the maximum points. According to ELTE’s Admission Regulations if an applicant receives 0 points in any of the requirements of the admission procedure listed above, they cannot be accepted to the programme.

Results and the official decision will be announced within a month after the entrance exam date, in the application system. 

If you have any further questions regarding the above, please  feel free to contact us at
You can also find some general information at the University’s website at

The Faculty's special application offer for ELTE PPK Psychology BA graduates

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