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E S S D European Society for Social Drug Research

29th Annual Conference

4-6 October 2018 Budapest, Hungary
Faculty of Education and Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University
Kazinczy Building (KAZY) Kazinczy utca 23–27., Budapest, 1075 Hungary
After 10 years Budapest will host the ESSD annual conference again.
The ESSD was founded in 1990 to promote social science approaches to drugs research, with special reference to the situation in Europe (http://www.essd-research.eu). The society holds an annual conference providing scope for collaboration and co-operation among researchers working in the drugs field. Participation at the annual conference is free of charge.
ESSD members and other researchers who wish to attend the 29th Annual Conference are invited to submit abstracts of their conference papers no later than 15th May 2018.
Presentations should preferably include a European dimension (such as reporting on research or issues from more than one European country, comparisons between data from European studies), and/or theoretical analysis that draws inferences from the local to the global. Presentations restricted to the description of interventions or (local) policies will not be accepted. Qualitative studies are particularly welcome. Each presentation lasts for 15 minutes (time for discussion not included). The conference language is English.
We warmly welcome new and old members of ESSD at Budapest!
The Oganizers,
Prof. Zsolt Demetrovics, Director of Institute of Psychology, Eötvös Loránd University (demetrovics.zsolt@ppk.elte.hu), 
Dr. Katalin Felvinczi, Vice Dean For International Affairs And Grants (katalin.felvinczi@ppk.elte.hu), and 
Dr. Zsuzsa Kaló, senior lecturer at the Counselling Psychology Department and Qualitative Psychology Research Group (kalo.zsuzsa@ppk.elte.hu)
Further information regarding the conference venue, accommodation etc. will be announced shortly at:  

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