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Final examination application 2017/18/2

Dear Student,

Please be informed that application for the final examination (defense) is possible only in the Neptun system. Only those students have to apply now, who plan to graduate in the spring semester of the academic year 2017/2018.

The deadline of the application in the spring semester is
23:59 p.m. 20th March 2018.

Method of the application
The application form appears in the Neptun - formally as a request - in the section Administration > Requests > Available request forms. You can open the form clicking on its name. Personal data are filled automatically by the system, you have to fill out only the data regarding the examination.
After the application the form will be still available under Submitted requests in a pdf file, which can be printed or saved for yourself. You can find the status of the request also here: after submission it will be automatically ’Being processed’, what will be modified to ’Accepted’ when the application deadline is passed.

• The application form can be submitted only during its availability period, after the submission deadline you can’t reach it anymore. In case you miss the deadline, you can apply only on a paper-based request submitted to the Academic Committee and you must pay an administrative fee (2000 HUF on the first week, then 3500 HUF/month) in case you get their permission.
• Filling out the form cannot be paused, after opened it, you have two options: (1) use the button ’Submit request’ in the bottom of the page, or (2) use the button ’Back’, which will delete all the filled information.
• The submitted request cannot be modified anymore!
• The status ’Accepted’ is used only to verify that the application arrived to the office.

Requirements to take the final examination

Students must compose a separate thesis for each of their programmes, which is included in the final examination.
Before submitting the thesis, the student must announce its title. The deadline of the thesis title announcement for the final exam taken in the spring semester was the 15th October 2017 (Or in case of a new type thesis on the psychology master programme 15th May 2017 for the research part and 23rd February 2018 for the applied part).
In case of the portfolio on the psychology BA programme, the mentioned title announcement is not needed.

The regular deadline for the thesis submission in the spring semester is the 20th April 2018 for not portfolio type thesis (Or in case of a new type thesis on the psychology master programme: 20th April 2018 for the research part and 15th May 2018 for the applied part), or the 2nd June 2018 for portfolio type thesis.

According to the 81.§(7) of the Academic Regulations for Students those students can take the final exam, who:
a) obtained their pre-degree certificate (absolutorium),
b) do not have any outstanding debt towards the University in terms of tuition fees and other payments, have returned items of the University's property,
c) and submitted their thesis on time.

Student Affairs and Registrar’s Office
Faculty of Education and Psychology

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