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Research topics

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Balázs Aczél

Methodological and theoretical research on the questions of the Nudge theory
The role of affects in cognitive control

Csaba Barta

Study of genetic and epigenetic factors underlying substance use and behavioral addictions

Mihály Berkics

The Evolutionary Psychology of Mating Strategies

Renáta Cserjési

Cognition and emotion biases in problematic eating
Assessment and improvement of emotional shifting

Zsolt Demetrovics

Research on the use of new synthetic psychoactive drugs
Research on substance related and behavioural addictions from a personality psychology approach
Research on the spectrum approach of behavioural addictions
Psychogenetic investigation of substance related and behavioural addictions
Research on the psychological implications of the reward deficiency syndrome

Katalin Felvinczi

Applied social psychology: evaluation of public policies and programmes with special emphasis on social problems emerging in a moral space
Programme/intervention evaluation and/or accreditation

Márta Fülöp

The personality psychology and psychological and somatic health aspects of competition
Cooperation and competition within the immigrant community
Coping with winning and losing from young to old age
Competition and giftedness

Judit Futó

Factors Effecting Young Children’s Preferences for the Distribution of Resources
Electronic Gaming and Executive Functions in Young Children
The efficacy of mindfulness practices to foster children’s executive function skills
The Relation Between Executive Functions and Cooperative Behaviour in Childhood
Child Psychopathology and Executive Functions
The role of play in children’s developing executive function skills

János Győri

The cultural patterns of nursery school age children's conceptual constructions on teaching and learning in educational institutions

Family dinamics in families with an exceptional professional achievement of one of the parents
Ferenc Honbolygó

The neurocognitive background of prosodic features of language
The assessment of musical aptitude

Zsuzsa Kaló

Studies of trauma and crisis intervention
Studies of female drug use
Qualitative psychology studies
Feasibility studies of psychological counselling

Anna Kende

The social psychological study of ethnic prejudice within the framework of social identity theory
The social psychological motivations for engagement in intergroup collective action and helping

Attila Keresztes
Investigating neurocognitive changes in human memory across the lifespan

Sunae Kim

Children's selective cultural learning in multicultural families
Selective learning and teaching
Metacognitive abilities in young children

Orsolya Király

Research on gaming disorder from a personality psychology approach

Ildikó Király

The role of memory and memory development in emergent social competences
Knowledge base attribution in everyday interaction

Andrea Kóbor

The neurocognitive background of behavior adaptation and decision making: The investigation of cognitive control and statistical/sequence learning with behavioral, ERP, a

Ferenc Köteles

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity
Interoception and symptom perception
Proprioception and body awareness
Health worry and health anxiety

Eszter Kótyuk

Individual differences of psychological adaptation in novel environments
Individual differences in the process of immersion in potentially addictive behaviors

Kristóf Kovács

IQ and human intelligence
Individual differences in cognitive abilities
Individual differences of executive functions
Computerized Adaptive Testing
Gender differences in cognitive abilities
Identification of giftedness
Measurement of and individual differences in cognitive abilities

Mónika Kovács

Female gender role variations and attachment
Prospects for prejudice reduction
Envious prejudices and stereotypes
Attachment and social attitudes
Gender ideologies, gender stereotypes, gender and career, gender and politics
Social dominance orientation: context and dynamics

Attila Krajcsi

Automatic statistical analysis and best data analyses practices
Basic number representations

Herman Nico Alexander Logemann

Addiction and obesity
The role of executive functions in obesity
The mechanism and effect of mindfulness on executive functions in the context of reward processing, relevance to obesity
The role of executive functions (i.e. attention, inhibitory control) in normal and abnormal behaviour

Tamás Nagy

Stress recovery
Psychophysiology of sress and emotion
Emotional responses in high performance situations

József Rácz

Qualitative psychological studies
Applying interpretative phenomenological analysis in psychological studies

Anett Ragó

Semantic and episodic nature of memories in Life story Interview
Cross-cultural examination of higher order cognitive processes
Retention and retrieval at the event model level
Category learning in case of complex visual stimuli

Melinda Reinhardt

Non-suicidal self-injury and its psychological and psychosocial correlates

Ágoston Schmelowszky

Meditative methods and personality.
Creating a Peaceful School Learning environment CAPSLE – an outcome study

Péter Dániel Simor

Emotional regulation in Nightmare Disorder
Sleep and information processing
The heterogeneity of REM sleep

Adrienn Ujhelyi

The social psychology of artificial intelligence

Katalin Varga

Perinatal sciences
Hypnosis, hypnotic interaction
Phenomenologycal analysis of altered states of consciousness
András Vargha

Classification methods in person-oriented psychological research

Anna Veres-Székely

Inherited components of the “electrodermal fingerprint”

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